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LF26 Included Accessories

Please cell us for pricing at 519-933-2055. At this time, retail pricing is being reviewed and will set in USD$ prior to AirVenture – Oshkosh 2018.


A formal quote will be provided in your local currency.


Taxes, crating and transport from Canada to your location is not included and can be quoted separately.


The quoted price includes:

  • The engine with integrated alternator, water pump, oil pump and electric starter.
  • Rubber mounts (dimensions same as Jabiru and UL power)
  • Fuel pump, fuel filter and injectors
  • 2 ignition coils, spark plugs and ignition leads
  • ECU and Wiring Loom
  • 2 water temperature sensors (1 for ECU and one for instrument)
  • Oil pressure and oil temperature sensor
  • Oil radiator, oil filter, oil tank with breather system and hose + connectors
  • Exhaust Flanges adaptable to your aircraft is included with lambda probe.
  • The liquid cooling system (radiator, hoses and expansion tank) are not included. (We are able to quote to supply these parts)

The different aircraft equipped, required different cooling configurations. It is too difficult to anticipate a solution for every installation.


Attempting to provide a universal solution would be both inefficient and overly expensive.


The weight of the engine completely installed with liquids is approx. 137 lb lbs depending on installation.


This weight does not include the engine mount or propeller.


The actual TBO time is 1500 hours.



  • Plywood crate (FAO-IPPC-ISPM15), packaging and handling US $150.00.
  • Extra fuel pump US $135.00
  • Redundant injection system US $1500.00

Warranty: 2 years or 300 hours whatever is first achieved


All prices indicated are excluding taxes and transportation costs.


Prices subject to change without notice.

Contact Us for More Information & Pricing